2 Guys 1 Gun v1.2.34

Woo ho! New stable version is out with some major changes!

First of all. You now got ammo limit! Right now it will make game unplayable in single player.
Secondly there were changes how player sprites work. And thanks to that you can now select your head, torso and pants!

Now I gotta go work on more skills!

Full changelog:

  • Remade how player sprites are drawn
  • Players now have ammo for main weapons
  • Player without gun can now dig for ammo
  • Player will stop digging for ammo if he dies of gets weapon
  • Added list of unlocked player skins
  • Added way of testing game for two players
  • Added player digging animation
  • Added skill blood ammo
  • Added empty clip sound
  • Changes in character skin screen
  • Changes in humanoid enemy sprites
  • Change in Magic fireflies movement
  • Buffed Curse of Luck increasing damage 3 times faster
  • Minigun now uses 30% of normal shot ammo
  • Fixed Fire Spirit movement
  • Fixed bug where fire sound was still playing after map restart
  • Fixed bug where UI was displaying shills for player 2 as player 1
  • Fixed bug where Minigun was still slowing you down even if you throw it away


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Sep 10, 2017

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