A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Turn based game where player goal is not to kill other team, but paint as much area as possible! With online and local multiplayer!

How to play?

Game starts with spawn phase. Move your units around and decide where each unit should start game. Next press "Start" button and battle will start!
Each character has two phases. In Move phase decide where to go. Press on green tiles that show your range. Your character will move to that point and move to next phase. If you want you can stay where you are.

Attack phase works similar. Red range tiles show you where you can shot. Try to not focus on attacking enemy characters. You win by painting more floor tiles.

Each unit has few points of armor. If that armor is depleted before this unit moves it becomes stuned and loses one turn.

After 20 turns game will count all painted surfaces and decide who won!

Three types of characters:

  • Sniper that is fast and has best range but isn't good at painting. Use him as a scout to take down enemies
  • Grenadier that is excelent at covering floor with paint, but is really slow and can take only 2 hits before being unconscious
  • Bazooka that is average in every aspect

Be sure to set your spawn points before match and take advantage of each unit!

Known bugs

  • In online play it is possible for two characters have same initiative and break compleatly move order.
  • When playing music and going to game and back to menu, user can play music again. Turning music off fixes it
  • There are few issues with attack phase range. There was no time to fix it


CET - Cover Enemy Terrain.apk 7 MB
CET - Cover Enemy Terrain.exe 3 MB

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