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This game was created for both #LOWREZJAM and #PJam


About game

You're working overtime in your cubicle after a weekend of partying. You are incredibly tired and you need sleep. It's simple like that. Just lay on your keyboard to fall asleep.

But there is something bothering you in your sleep. Don't let your dreams turn into nightmares - wake up before anything scary or dangerous happens!

How to play

The most comfortable way is to place a small pillow on your keyboard. Game checks for any key press and release.

How to play


Pillow? For real?

Yeah! Using some dark magic I connected standard pillow to this game.

Does it work with every pillow type?

I tried my best to keep backward compatibility with most used models. But I can't test it on every device so I'm not promising it will work for everyone!

But being serious: It all depends on a keyboard. It might not work on flat keyboards like most laptops have, and you might experience some difficulties if your keyboard have sleep, hibernate or power buttons!

Game is moddable?

Yes! Latest version of a game stores dreams in external files. You can check them in installation folder. Mod or add what you want!

Check "Mods Help.html" for more information! It's easy.

What is P-Jam?

P-Jam was a 24 hour jam held during Pyrkon, fantasy convention in Poznań, Poland. P-Jam is actually a wordplay for Pajamas! Whole Jam was based around sleeping and theme was "It was only a dream".

You got typo in game name!

IT written uppercase means Information Technology. ;)

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Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsExperimental, Funny, GameMaker, Moddable, one-button, party-game, pillow, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityOne button, Blind friendly, Textless


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Awesome game design concept, the controller idea is really well thinked and gives an inmersive atmospher. 

Maybe WebGL version guide more people to play this game :)

Some Ambiental would be nice too

Nice work!